BlackBerry Z30 Sky Ecc + 3 maanden PGP


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(also known as Sky App)

The messages are instant with Triple Layer encryption and are encrypted peer to peer (device to device). The messages are only relayed through the server and are never stored for any amount of time.

PGP servers are restricted by software designs and store messages for a minimum amount of 24 hours or more (Retention policy).

Triple Layer Encryption:

SkyECC uses 3 different encryption standards to encrypt every part of the message.

The Sender’s name, Recipient’s name and Subject (Together known as “Header”) are encrypted using 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

PGP does not encrypt Headers. Sender/Recipient names and subject are sent as plain text.

The data exchange between the server and app is encrypted using 2048bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

The message body is encrypted using 521bit Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) (Equivalent to 15,360bit RSA). PGP is only 4096bit RSA.

Developed in house. We do not use elliptic curves recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).

App container:

Everything is contained inside the App, requires authentication and establishes secure connection with the server before it will allow you access inside the app (this will destroy any possibility of someone trying to brute force into your messages).

App has no link to the device storage and contained in a secure partition.

PGP system disperses user data and encryption keys all around the device. Contacts/Address book, Memopad and device settings.

Message Self Destruction:

All messages sent between the App to App have a self-destruct feature. You can set the amount of time your conversation with someone will burn off their device.

PGP is outdated and does not offer message self-destruct features.

Private Keys:

Your private keys are self-established, Created during the app activation. (This means that your private key is created by you and your device, and nobody has access to it and will never come across it). This is called CKM (Client key mode).

Currently, PGP keys are initially created by your provider and uploaded to your device. This is called SKM (Server key mode). You have to trust that your provider destroys the key on their end. We eliminate this risk completely so that your private key never touches anyone’s hands.

Duress or Panic Password:

The Duress password feature allows you to create a fake password so that you can give this password out when under pressure by authorities and when they type this password into the app, everything gets wiped out and destroyed inside and our system gets notified that your device has been compromised under duress.

Use of the duress password feature also deletes your contact from everyone’s list, protecting your friends and deleting all your app data as if you never existed.

PGP Support:

SkyECC is backwards compatible with PGP, so you can use the app to communicate in legacy to people that are still using PGP.

Secured Vault:

Secured Vault allows you to store notes, photos, conversations, files, etc. Encrypted and Secured. You can also send/Share the content to other contacts.

PGP does not offer encrypted memopad or encrypted multimedia storage options. All entries saved in the device memopad are stored in plain text.

Encrypted Camera:

The Encrypted Camera feature allows you to take photos and encrypt the images within the app. These photos can be shared with your contacts, encrypted using 521bit ECC.

PGP does not support picture encryption.

Encrypted Voice Notes:

The Encrypted voice notes feature allows you to record short voice notes and encrypt with 521bit ECC and send them to other sky app contacts.

PGP does not support voice note encryption.

Remote wipe:

Remote wipe feature wipes your device and app content and this also deletes your contacts and conversations with everyone on your list as if you never existed.

Contact list:

Contact list is encrypted and contained within the app. You can approve or reject who you want to communicate with.

PGP does not encrypt the Contact list and stores it in plain text.

Group Chat:

Invite up to 10 users for one on one instant encrypted group messaging.


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