MY WEIGH 200GR X 0.01


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Myweigh i201 200gram x 0,01

Myweigh iBalance digital scale i201 (200g x 0.01g) is the perfect chemistry scale when you need 0.01 gram precision. It’s the ultimate grain scale for the hunter or marksman weighing powders or maybe you’re an archery expert weighing arrowheads and shafts to 0.1 grains intervals. Dentist can easily weighing their scrap gold to 0.01 pennyweight or the jeweler can weigh semi precious stones to 0.05 carats. Weigh aroma therapy scents to 0.001 ounce when making potpourri and candles. Sterling silver dealers will love to weigh their small pieces to 0.001 troy ounce on the i201 digital scale.


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